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Don’t put all of your monies in one single online investment program. Please invest responsibly at your own risk within your limits. Profits are expected, but there is not explicit guarantee. I will not be liable for any of your Online Investing losses since high returns imply inherent high risks. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


InfiniteLotto [owned and run by a group of Professional Offshore Investors] was founded in March 2000 and have been producing a stable income of around 4% monthly. It has been setup and have run a small but successful investment fund for over 5 years, averaging a return of around 3%-5% per month on investments in a number of markets and companies, concentrating mostly on long term investments. Also a percentage of the funds is traded for futures and commodities.

Profits from trading are paid as prizes to its members. Distribution of profit by chance, may now range from zero to perhaps many hundreds of percent. In general, half the amount is paid as a monthly jackpot and the remainder paid as lesser prizes.

Minimum investment in InfinniteLottto is $100, which is equal to buying 100 tickets. Ticket purchases are defined as loans to InfinniteLottto. You can increase your investment by increments of $10. Each $1 ticket gives you the chance to win a monthly jackpot of up to $50,000 or lots of other cash prizes EACH AND EVERY MONTH, FOREVER !!

The minimum prize amount is $50 and the odds on winning a monthly prize with 100 tickets is 1 in 25. Assuming a monthly profit of 5%, a member with 5000 tickets could expect to win 24 prizes a year. Even if all these were minimum prizes, this would still be a profit of $1200 or 24%, however there is always a chance of a big prize in the mix which would increase this return considerably.

Unlike a normal prize draw you don't lose your money if you don't win! Even more unusual, you can sell your tickets back to InfiniteLottto. Once you buy your tickets they will be in the draw to win big cash prizes, each and every month. If you don't want to play anymore, then you can simply sell your tickets back to them, whenever you please. The minimum number of tickets to sell is 10. There is a 2% or $2 administrative fee on all ticket sales, whichever is greater.

Even if you do not win a prize InfiniteLottto will provide you with a minimum return. In any year that your tickets do not win a prize, InfiniteLottto will pay you 5% rounded down to the nearest ticket subject to overall profits. These bonus tickets will be automatically added to your existing tickets and they will compound annually. This benefit is mainly for those with a minimum number of tickets. As can be seen from the potential winnings above, those with significant numbers of tickets have excellent odds on winning regular prizes.

The first prize draw took place on 7 October, 2004. Prize draws take place on the seventh of each month and all winners are notified by email. Tickets are bought using E-gold and any prizes are paid back to the same E-gold account within 5 days of the draw. All tickets purchased up to and including the last day of the month will be entered into the very next Prize Draw. For example, tickets purchased on 30 November will go into the prize draw on 7 December and every month thereafter.

For many online investors interested in putting up just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, then InfiniteLottto offers a very serious investment but with the fun and excitement of a potential big win as well. To maintain a successful investment porfolio you need to invest a considerable part of your money into such reliable and low return programs as InfiniteLotto. InfiniteLotto provides a great investing opportunity, with extremely low risk.

InfiniteLottto update can be found at Online Investment Porgrams blog.

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